Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Technology and Formula Development
  • Leading an Industry
  • Consistency with Automation
  • GMPs & ISO Standards
  • State of the Art Scalability
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technology and Formula Development

    • World renowned, patent holding, Sr. Chemist with focus on plant material extraction leads all hemp product testing and formulations required for consistent product with ideal, customizable user experience
    • Onsite Master Flavorist and laboratory to develop or duplicate any flavor profile, formula or custom product development
    • USA and China based Product Development and Engineering team to support any applicable development and component sourcing
    • Long-term, established relationships with the world leading suppliers
    • State of the art equipped laboratory to confirm each material shipment for potency, viscosity, undesired elements, etc. real-time.
    • Additional 3rd Party testing conducted on all inbound material to confirm no undesired elements, Residual Solvents, Heavy Metals, and meets or exceeds COA documentation
    • Batch level testing available for all product types


    Leading an Industry

    Multiple High-Speed Filling Lines

    Our automated filling, capping and labelling equipment increases fill speed and significantly reduces human error. Customized automated equipment ensures consistent fill heights and properly torqued caps while protecting against sources of potential contamination.

    Invisible Barcode Internal Tracking

    Invisible barcodes are printed on the bottles at the point of filling. This allows bottles to be identified at any point in the process, even prior to them being labelled. This is used to ensure products are correctly labelled and allows identification of the contents regardless of their destination.

    Sensors and Vision Systems

    We extensively use sensors and vision systems within our processes to ensure quality. These technologies perform everything from ensuring print is correctly positioned on a label to detecting missing components in the assembly process. This also allows us to identify a product at any point in the production process regardless of whether a label has been applied.

    Proprietary Production Methods

    All our formulas are designed in conjunction with our proprietary manufacturing technology. This ensures that we can scale-up production quickly and ensure consistent, steady supply chain.


    Consistency with Automation

    Automated Batching Equipment

    “Touchless” Manufacturing

    By automating the batching process, direct labor and risk of error is eliminated. An automated dispenser only requires the operator to select the batch wanted from a pre-planned production schedule, place the container on the scale and press the start button. The dispenser takes over and the individual ingredients are added as per the formulation. Once the system finishes the batch the operator can remove the finished container and start the next batch.

    Eliminate Human Weighing Errors

    One of the biggest problems with manual batching processes is that weighing errors, in many cases, go unnoticed until the product is subjected to quality control testing or is used by the client. This issue costs companies time and money. Our dispensing software is designed to monitor and report each dispense result on a batch ticket. This allows for simple and effective auditing.

    Batch-To-Batch Dispensing Consistency

    Our dispensing software is designed to offer the highest degree of accuracy possible, batch after batch. This is accomplished by integrating advanced dispensing software with high accuracy weigh scales and custom dispense valves.


    GMPs & ISO Standards


    Although there are currently no Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) specifically assigned to hemp products, Pure Labs’ has defined set of manufacturing SOP’s to ensure quality and consistency, across all product types. Our GMP’s are developed using other FDA regulated spaces that have defined GMP’s in place. Regulators and stakeholders expect us to have controlled, welldocumented manufacturing, storage, and distribution processes. We stay ahead of the regulatory environment through rigorous product protection and quality standards as well as voluntarily investing in facilities that far exceed government requirements.

    ISO 7 Cleanroom

    All formulating, blending, and filling takes place in our state of the art 10,000 sq. ft. ISO 7 cleanrooms. Strict procedures govern the flow of product and people through this area. A card access system allows only authorized personnel to access their respective areas. The extensive use of air-locks and high-speed roll-up doors dramatically reduce the risk of contamination. The cleanroom was also designed to significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination, allowing multiple products to be manufactured simultaneously.


    State of the Art Scalability

    Maintaining a facility that enables unlimited growth and scale is a concept few embrace. Unlike would-be competitors, this is something we at Pure Labs pride ourselves on.

    In addition to our state-of-the-art cleanrooms, we’ve built multiple classified spaces that enable us to do things others can’t. In accordance with FDA, NFPA, IBC, OSHA, EPA, DEP, GMP and alike standards, we’ve engineered, built and maintain an H5 room within the cleanroom space, and an H2 room in our bulkstorage-warehouse.

    ‘H’ classifications describe high-hazardous rooms built with the sole purpose of production and/or storage of flammable, explosive and/or toxic materials. There are maximum volume restrictions for storing alike materials in general warehouses. Classified spaces allow code-compliant safe storage of excessive volumes.

    Pure Labs Family’s H2 room stores classified flammable, combustible and/or explosive materials. Although flavor concentrates are typically FEMA GRAS—compounds Generally Recognized As Safe by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association—those raw materials in concentrated forms may be flammable, explosive and/or combustible. This H2 classified space allows us to store types and volumes of materials others cannot.

    Pure Labs Family’s H5 room stores Acutely Toxic Classified materials. Although chemicals like nicotine may pose little concern in the concentrations found in finished-product-lines, concentrated forms may be regarded as acutely/highly toxic. The H5 room allows us to safely manufacture and store ATC’s in volumes that others cannot.


    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance System

    Our QA/QC system is an extensive and integral element of every step in our manufacturing process. QA/QC is built into every SOP in our manufacturing process from the receipt of raw materials, through the shipping of finished goods. Our record keeping is meticulous and includes lot/batch tracking and testing.

    We believe that any manufacturer is only as strong as their supply chain. That same thinking has led Pure Labs to securing the most resilient supply chain in the industry, as we practice Supply Chain Redundancy.

    We receive COA’s for all inbound raw materials and prior to entrance to facility must undergo rigorous testing as part of our quality control systems. We take pride in the quality of every ingredient and raw material we produce with. To ensure this standard, none of our hemp or nicotine suppliers provide material originating from China or Eastern Europe. We source our raw materials from select, sources throughout the world, with all hemp organically grown in Colorado.

    Additional options and customization available. Speak with an account manager for details on contract manufacturing.

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